CamMate Jib

CamMate Travel Series Jib

The world-famous CamMate Travel Series consists of four-foot sections packed in durable hard cases for frequent location traveling. In addition to our strong aerospace design, the Travel series features 30 minute set up times; configuration changes in 10 minutes and electronic head inversions in less than 30 seconds. All of these design features make your job on location faster and easier.

Arm can be built 11 to 25 feet.

Can control Canon and Fujinon 2/3" Lenses, as well as the Canon CineServo 17-120mm.  You can also fly a DSLR or Cinema camera (such as a RED) with prime or SLR Lenses (Such as Canon EF Lenses) with the "Super Servo" kit which provide more torque to turn the heavier glass.


MicroDolly Jib

MicroDolly Jib

  • Portable Jib, great for location shoots (Just over 10 lbs total)
  • Can carry load of up to 50 lbs
  • Mounts on professional tripods or hi-hats
  • Comes in 34" soft case
  • Sets up in about 2 minutes
  • Use with boom extension to reach 6 feet
  • Can be mounted upside-down
  • Note: This jib does not have a remote head





  • Portable Track Dolly (10 lbs total weight)
  • For Cameras & Tripods up to 100 lbs
  • Works well on flat/hard surfaces
  • 13’ Straight Track (connected like camping tent poles)
  • 90 Degree Curved Track (2 Available)
  • Low mode: Hi Hat Dolly Board w/6” Riser and 12” Riser
  • Adapter Cups for all tripod head sizes (75, 100, 150mm)


Dana Dolly Setup

Dana Dolly

  • Portable Dolly/Slider for Cameras up to 100 lbs
  • No tripod required
  • Adapter Cups for all tripod head sizes (75, 100, 150mm)
  • 5’ and 8' Straight Track in stock, or use any length speedrail
  • Can use Low-Rise Combo Stands, Junior, Baby, or C-stands, Center support mount
  • Custom Shipping/Carrying Case
Wally Dolly Kit

Wally Dolly

  • Portable Track Dolly
  • For Cameras & Tripods up to 80 lbs
  • Works well on flat/hard surfaces
  • 12' Straight Track
  • Anodized Aluminum Track, Six Polyurethane Dolly Track Wheels
  • 100mm Low Boy Bowl Mount
  • Custom Shipping & Soft Case


Rhino Slider 4 foot

Rhino Slider 4'

  • For Canon 5D, or other small cameras
  • 6 Rollers filled with 12 sealed ball bearings
  • Locking all terrain legs with non-marking rubber feet
  • Can be mounted on a single tripod or two stands with baby spuds
  • Rhino Armor - Carrying Case
  • Used with a Manfrotto 502 Flat bottom Head
Kessler Phillip Bloom

Kessler Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly

  • For Canon 5D, or other small cameras up to 15Lbs
  • 41.5" Track with Belt Drive System
  • Carrying Case
  • Used with a Manfrotto 502 Flat bottom Head

Motion Controlled Time-Lapse Slider - Syrp Genie System

Syrp Genie

Syrp - Genie

A breakthrough Motion-Control Time Lapse and real-time video system.  This ultra portable solution can run on many rail systems or even run on the included rope that can be suspended above for amazing unlimited length moving shots.  Ramp your shots, pan while moving or from a tripod, and even shoot a HDR timelapse.


Syrp Genie Mini

Syrp - Genie Mini

Add the Genie Mini to the Genie to pan your Time Lapse (while sliding on the Magic Carpet, if desired).  Use the free Syrp app to control your motion.  Or simply use it to pan a live action shot.


Syrp Genie Pan and Tilt

Syrp - Genie Mini Pan & Tilt Kit

Combining two Genie Mini's and and a sturdy bracket on top of the Genie gives you complete pan & tilt motion control for time lapse or repeatable motion shots.  You can use the free Syrp app to set your parameters and save your favorite moves.  This is the ultimate combo for breathtaking Time Lapse videos & photography.


Syrp Magic Carpet

Syrp - Magic Carpet Long Track

5 Foot portable slider for (optional) use with the Syrp Genie, Genie and Genie Mini, or Genie and Pan & Tilt.  Or simply use it as a great slider for camera movement.