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Brian Tweedt, SOC - Owner, CEO
[email protected]

888-585-2473 x700


Heidi Tweedt - Producer
[email protected]

888-585-2473 x701


Jeremy Kientz - Producer
[email protected]

888-585-2473 x703


Ryan Primmer - East Coast Manager
[email protected]

888-585-2473 x704


Kimberly Tweedt - Crew Management
[email protected]

888-585-2473 x702

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The Birdhouse - Southern California Area Offices

Anaheim, CA
Placentia, CA


The Birdhouse - New York / D.C. Area Office

Stafford, VA


company info

Brian Tweedt, LLC
dba The Birdhouse
a california company
ein available upon request


rental agreement

Click HERE to download the rental agreement.


1099 Employees / Loanout Paperwork


Click HERE for start paperwork (W9) if you are a 1099 Employee (for freelancers working for The Birdhouse).

Click HERE for Loanout Paperwork (Password Required)

payment options

We accept cash, checks, and the following payments with a 3% additional processing fee:

Paypal Venmo Combo

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