We have many styles of C-Stands available for your grip needs.  Including:

  • C-Stand with Turtle Base
  • Baby C-Stands
  • Standard 40" C-Stands with Sliding Leg
  • Standard 4" C-Stands (Black)
  • Plus Others!
Arri AS-1 Stand

Baby Stands

We have a variety of Baby Stands.  Including:

  • Matthews
  • Arri (Various Models)
Matthews Hi-Hi Overhead Roller

Matthews Hi-Hi Overhead Roller

When you need to go high, this is your stand.

  • High quality chrome, Heavy Duty
  • Wheels to easily move as the sun changes
  • Rocky mountain leg
  • Maximum Height 249" (20.75 Feet)
6x6 Butterfly

Matthews 6x6 Butterfly Kit

Use with C-Stands or Hi-Hi Rollers to create bounce or soften overhead light.

  • 6x6 Silent Gridcloth 1/4 Stop
  • 6x6 Bleached Muslin
  • 6x6 Griff - Black/White
FlexFills - All


For quick bounce/fill light, or for a quick green or blue screen, use these FlexFills to move your production along.

  • Silver/Gold
  • Blue Screen/Green Screen
  • Silk/Bounce

We have flex fills in a variety of sizes by Westcott, and others!

Flags & Nets

Flags & Nets

To control the light, you need to shape it.  We have the gear.

  • 24x36 Flags, Nets, Silks
  • 4x4 Solid Floppy

On the road?  Take this kit with you:

  • Digital Juice Pro Flag Kit (24x36) - Collapsible Flags, Fingers & Dots
    • 5x Flag Frames
    • 2x Black Net
    • 1x 1-Stop Silk
    • 1x 2-Stop Silk
    • 1x Solid Black
    • 1x 6.0" Solid Dot
    • 1x 6.0" Single Net Dot
    • 1x 4.0 x 14" Solid Finger
    • 1x 4.0 x 14" Single Net Finger
    • Carry Case


Grip Gear

Miscellaneous Grip Gear

The Birdhouse has plenty of grip gear.  Here are some of the staples we carry:

  • Mafer Clamp
  • Cardellini Clamp
  • Grip Clips (Steel Spring Clamps)
  • Gator Clamp
  • Grip Head
  • Platypus Clamp (Duckbill or Quacker Clamp)
Backdrop Stand

Backdrop Kits

These stands will hold a variety of cloth or similar material, including in stock ones such as:

  • Bleached White Muslin
  • Green/Brown Painted Cloth
  • Green Screen
  • ...And others!
Magic Gadgets Dimmer

Magic Gadgets 2K Dimmer

This dimmer by Magic Gadgets allows you full control of your dimming.

  • Up to 2000W
  • 150V AC Only
  • Built In Fuse
  • Smooth dial for manual dimming effects
Stinger - Filmtools

Stingers & More

We have plenty of power to provide to your production!

  • Stingers (extension cords) from 3 to 100 Feet
  • Power Strips
  • Cube Taps
  • And many other electrical gadgets